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Start with the basics of programming.

01 - Algorithm: what is it?

Do you know what an algorithm is? Learn now in a way never seen before in content about programming logic! And there's still exercise!

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02 - Input and output commands: your beginning in programming

Take your first steps in coding. Learn about input and output commands, and how they allow you to communicate with your computer.

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03 - Variable: what is it?

Learn now the meaning of a variable. Understand how programming languages use them to store and process information.

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04 - Assignment operator

Learn about the assignment operator, the basic operator of computer programming. See how it is used to put information into variables.

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05 - Arithmetic operators

This is a big step in this programming course. Learn now how to create algorithms that perform mathematical calculations.

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06 - Conditional statements

Conditional statements allow you to create smarter algorithms, making them make decisions during their execution.

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07 - Relational operators

Put the concepts of programming logic into practice. See how relational operators are used to create conditional expressions.

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08 - Logical operators

Learn about the 4th category of operators. See how logical operators are used to create complex conditional expressions.

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09 - Compound assignment operators

Finish this coding course by learning about composite operators. See how they allow you to simplify various arithmetic operations.

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Let's go on learning!


Let's go on learning!

Now that you know the basics of computer programming, let's move on to the most challenging subjects.

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