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10 - Conditional structures

What happens if you put one if-else structure inside the other? See the concept of nested if-else structures in this article.

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11 - While statement: repetition structure

Learn all details of one of the most fantastic computer programming concepts: the while statement and the repetition structures.

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12 - For statement: repetition structure

Advance your knowledge in repetition structures. Learn how the "for" command, the "continue" command and the "break" command work.

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13 - Switch case command: selection structure

Learn all the details of the switch case command. The command that allows you to create selection structures in computer programming.

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14 - Arrays

Learn now how to manipulate large data sets. With arrays, you have the ability to manipulate multiple variables as if they were a single one.

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15 - Function: modularization

Learn the technique of modularizing algorithms. The functions make it possible to divide the source code into separate modules.

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