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What is Flutter?

Understand what Flutter is and how this fantastic framework created by Google for multiplatform development has grown quite recently.


Function: modularization

Learn the technique of modularizing algorithms. The functions make it possible to divide the source code into separate modules.



Learn now how to manipulate large data sets. With arrays, you have the ability to manipulate multiple variables as if they were a single one.


Conditional structures

What happens if you put one if-else structure inside the other? See the concept of nested if-else structures in this article.


For statement: repetition structure

Advance your knowledge in repetition structures. Learn how the “for statement”, the “continue” statement and the “break” statement work.


Abstract Data Types – ADT

Learn what an Abstract Data Type (ADT) is. Understand how programming languages use an ADT to represent various real-world concepts.


How to install Visual Studio Code Python

How to install Visual Studio Code Python How to install Visual Studio Code Python How to install Visual Studio Code Python How to install Visual


Algorithm: what is it?

Do you know what an algorithm is? In this article you will learn in a way never seen before in free content! And we also offer exercises!


Variable: what is it?

Learn the meaning of a programing variable. Understand how programming languages use them to store and process information.


Assignment operator

Learn about the assignment operator, the simplest operator in programming. See how it is used to put information into variables.

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